Pledge to Fledge

Boy_binos_iStockphoto_MaartjevanCaspel see-birds

Do you love watching birds? Consider sharing your experience with someone new to birding. Whether during the Great Backyard Bird Count or any day of the year, we invite you to make the “Pledge to Fledge” and share your enthusiasm with at least one other person. If every bird watcher inspired just one other person to watch birds, we could double the number of people who enjoy and care about birds!

Originally launched by the Global Birding Initiative, and adopted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in 2015, Pledge to Fledge encourages bird watchers to introduce friends and acquaintances to birding. You can contribute however you wish—in ways small or large.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Go birding with friends, family, and other non-birders at a local park or nature reserve
  • Host a “feeder party” at home
  • Help a neighbor or friend set up a feeder station in his or her yard
  • Introduce someone new to the Great Backyard Bird Count
  • Take “The Pledge” below:

The Pledge

“I pledge to actively share my enthusiasm for birds with non-birders by taking them into the field to show them birds and foster their own appreciation for birds whenever possible. I will strive to be friendly, patient, helpful, and welcoming when approached by ‘non-birders’ or asked about birds by acquaintances. I believe that individual birders, as part of an international grassroots movement, can effect positive and profound change for our shared birds and their future.”

To pledge, fill out the form below. We’ll send you “How to Fledge a New Birder” by the Global Birding Initiative, and will keep in touch with you about Pledge to Fledge ideas and updates. Thanks for sharing your love of birds with others!


Photo above: Boy with binoculars © van Caspel