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Cindy Sedlacek

Ithaca, NY, USA


I watched this nuthatch as he skittered from tree to tree moving up, down and all around the limbs and trunks. Sometimes he would completely disappear behind a trunk and then reappear much higher in a tree. It became quite fun trying to keep track of him. For a few seconds he settled into a small depression at the intersection of some limbs. If he was one of the “Three Bears”, or in this case “Three Titmice”, he would have said, “This is the right spot for me.” So many things ran through my mind in about 20 seconds. I wasn’t sure if the background would be too busy or too much white, so I knew I had to take several shots from several angles. In order to do that I needed to slide to the left a little without spooking the bird. I decided to take a chance, so I carefully slid to the left and thankfully he sat still for several seconds while I took multiple shots. What a cutie!




White-breasted Nuthatch