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Seth Davis

Portland, ME, United States


I noticed while sitting in my “counting” chair a massive flock of Robins flying over my house. It was a FOY for me so I was thrilled they were there. I recalled seeing a crabapple tree further down the road from my house, and I thought I would see if some of these birds landed there to grab lunch. Sure enough there were close to 100 Robins, about 200 Cedar Waxwings, and Starlings competing over this fruit tree! It was quite a spectacle since they would alternate who got to sit and eat in the tree. I spent a lot of time trying to get the lighting right here since it was somewhat cloudy and I didn’t want the photo to have too much of a grey wash. There was a small break in the clouds that was just enough to highlight the bird yet kept the background muted which I thought was nice. It also started to sprinkle snow, which I like because even though I know Robins are year round residents here, they’re often seen as the first signs of Spring, so there kind of a hopefulness with this photo that I like.




American Robin