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ldjsdah Ruth

ME-220, Knox, Waldo County, ME 04986, United States


Kinney compost is a commercial operation that composts agricultural and fish processing wastes open air in Knox ME, Eagles, gulls, crows, and ravens congregate here now after many years. Many observers note eagles at the site, but few realize the attraction is not a nestsite. Few observers realize how many birds may be present – 16 12 FEB 2016 and often counts into the 20s. Few birds today due in part perhaps to temperature -20 Saturday night and -25 overnight last night. And no human activity at the compost piles which today are mostly covered by new snow. Today we observed no gulls although more than 700 present just last Friday




5 Of 8 Bald Eagles Roosting At Kinney Compost Knox (04986) Waldo County ME

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