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John Kerrigan

Eugene, OR, United States


Picture was taken at Fern Ridge Lake in Eugene, Oregon. We had heard via Facebook that a Snowy Owl had been sighted and decided that the chance to see one was worth the two hour drive and 2.6 mile hike ( I have Parkinson’s Disease which makes walking on uneven terrain like the gravel road out to the viewing site difficult for me).
We found him sitting on a pile of rocks on the shore line and he seemed quite OK with the crowds of people taking his picture.
I set up my tripod, DSLR and zoom lens and started shooting immediately. My wife was kind enough to inform me that she had seen through her binoculars there was a lot of dead vegetation and reeds between me and the owl. This would appear in all my shots taken from my initial shooting spot and would seriously degrade the pictures I had taken so far. Fortunately, the light was still adequate and I took more shots from a different vantage point, including the one I’m submitting.



Snowy Owl

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