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David F. Bishop

Teaneck, NJ, United States


I was wondering why there were no birds at our backyard feeders and went outside to find a puffed-up (it was about 12 degrees out) Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting on a branch about 25 ft up with a clear view of all our feeders. I went inside and got my camera (Canon 50D with 70-200 Type L, F2.8, IS II USM and EF 1.4x II teleconverter) and was able to walk right underneath and shoot several pictures (f8, 1/200 s, 280 mm, ISO 250). The bird was reluctant to leave, but did so after a bit of shouting and branch throwing. Nevertheless, it took more that 30 min before any birds showed up again.


I See You, Bub!