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Charles Henrikson

Madison, WI, United States


I birded the UW Madison Arboretum for about an hour around noon. During that whole time it was snowing really hard. At the end of my walk there was 2 inches of snow on my binocular lens cap and 4 inches of snow covering my car. I saw 8 Wild Turkeys huddled under a crabapple tree, 13 American Robins flipping over leaves looking for food at one of the springs and 1 hunkered-down, snow-covered Great Blue Heron standing in two feet of water near the Big Spring. Considering the conditions I thought seeing 3 species was just fine. Oh, and trying to take a clear selfie when it’s snowing is also a challenge.



Birding While It’s Snowing Hard Is A Challenge!

I'd rather go birding than shovel snow off my driveway.

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