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Nadine Pinkerton

Sequim, WA, United States


This young hawk flew into our window during the GBBC. Thinking he was badly injured, we wrapped him in a towel and were going to take him to our local raptor center. Checking on him before we got into the car, we saw that he seemed better. We let him out of the towel and he sat with us on our driveway… we were inches away! My husband donned a pair of leather gloves, picked him up and tossed him gently to see if he would fly. He did slightly and landed in a very unexpected place… ON MY BACK! (I have another picture of that, but it didn’t come out very good; I will submit separately) He sat there very gently until my husband picked him off and tossed him again. This time he flew up into one of our huge hemlock trees and, we assume, back to the nest. Quite an experience for our first GBBC!



Amazing Sharp-shinned Hawk Story!

Juvenile Hawk sat with us and then perched on my back!