2017 Photo Contest Winners

2017 People Winners

 Gulls surround man on tractor

First Place, People
Michael Kline, North Carolina


Children looking at bird ID poster

Second Place, People
Foundation for Ecological Security, India


 two young bird watchers

Third Place, People
Madeleine Laurent, Louisiana


Man in forest with binoculars

Fourth Place, People
Peter A. Livengood, Pennsylvania


 Group of birders in India

Fifth Place, People
Sagar Adhurya, India


 Woman and boy with spotting scope

Honorable Mention, People
Sujata Roy, North Carolina


Woman photographing birds on a beach

Honorable Mention, People
Lynette Spence, Florida


 Boy wth binoculars looking over water

Honorable Mention, People
Kern Freesland, Maryland


 Hikers and Great Blue Heron

Honorable Mention, People
Scott Kinsey, Florida


 Two women bird watchers

Honorable Mention, People
Pamela Monahan, Virginia