2015 Photo Contest Winners

2015 Group Winners

 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches and House Finch

First Place Group: Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches & House Finch
Jeanette Tasey, Montana 

 Burrowing Owl

Second Place Group: Burrowing Owls
Jim Rains, Aruba

 Brown Pelican and American White Pelicans

Third Place Group: Brown Pelican & American White Pelicans
Craig McIntyre, Texas

 Laughing Gulls

Fourth Place Group: Laughing Gulls
Sandy Venneman, Texas

 Gambel's Quail

Fifth Place Group: Gambel’s Quail
Andy Bylerly, Arizona

 Eastern Bluebirds

Honorable Mention Group: Eastern Bluebirds
Liana Jackson, Massachusetts

 Mute Swans

Honorable Mention Group: Mute Swans
Joan Tisdale, Ontario


Honorable Mention Group: Mallards
Priscilla Morris, Tennessee

 double-crested Cormorants

Honorable Mention Group: Double-crested Cormorants
Carol Lloyd, Pennsylvania

 Lesser Scaup

Honorable Mention Group: Lesser Scaup
Tony Peebles, California